learn about AndrewsMountainBikeAdventures

AndrewMountainBikeAdventures is a forum for me to pass on the tips, tricks and lessons learnt from my experience of teaching people to mountain bike most days of the year.

Instructing on a daily basis is a two way street, often students teach me as much about riding or skiing as I am teaching them. Novice students, or more advanced students considering a challenge from a fresh perspective, offer up insights as result of their experience that continually add to the pool of tips and techniques that I have available to share with my students.

To me they are the things that might have seemed quite obvious but were not obvious to my students who, after applying the tips and ‘tricks’ to their skiing or riding, notice immediate improvements in technique, ability and confidence.

My hope is that this blog helps share the experience on a wider scale. Watching someone understand something and get it to work for the first time, usually resulting in a sensation of joy (or relief depending on how advanced the exercise was!) is a joy that just keeps on giving. My aim is to keep sharing that joy.