Simple refresh: Vidiom Graphics sticker kit

Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday they say. The stealth Nomad Carbon is a good looking beast to be fair, but it is a bit anonymous and, in Whistler, a bit ‘samey’. Every man (with a dog) appears to have bought one.

The answer? A sticker kit from Vidiom Graphics. Tavish, a designer of many talents (he designs full vehicle custom wraps and clothes for Royal Racing and 7iDp amongst his other commitments, I wonder when he gets time to ride his bike?), is the man behind these bike, wheel and fork ‘hop up’ or pimp my ride kits. There is a wide range of colours so that one can either compliment, accent or out right clash with the other colours on one’s bike.

They make a full frame kit (all stickers including ones that you did not even realize we’re on your frame!), half frame kit (front triangle), replacement stickers for the most popular rear shocks and forks and replacement stickers (as well as colours ENVE did not bother with) for ENVE and Light Bicycle wheels.

I decided on a fairly subdued theme where I would use the two blues I seem to use everywhere else on my bikes (and in my wardrobe apparently). The anodized blue of a Blackspire Designs Sub 4 pedal or a Fox compression adjuster and the light blue of an Ergon GE1 grip or an ENVE M70 wheel sticker.  Vidiom call them Azure Blue and Light Blue. I went with the darker blue for the sides of the down tube and the light blue on the underside of the down tube.

I also had a set of stickers made to cover the eye straining magenta on a pair of Light Bicycle wheels I bought from a friend. I do not really need them but I thought it would be fun to try a wide rim and it was a cheaper step than a full set of custom carbon that was brand new.

The stickers are printed on that very sexy 3M vinyl that you know is just bomber. It comes with the wax paper like top sheet and they were all very easy to line up and apply to the frame and the rims. The usual sensible preparation, clean the surface, clean again with isopropyl alcohol and then let it dry and remain dust free. I left the stickers to ‘rest’ for 24 hours after applying to let them set properly. I don’t know if this is strictly necessary these days but it is what I have been doing with this type of sticker for 20 years now and it seems to work.

So if you are looking for a cheaper way to refresh your otherwise perfectly good bicycle then give Vidiom Graphics a shout.