K-Edge Garmin mount

It might seem a bit unusual to worry about a bike computer on a trail bike but in this day and age, where trail bikes are so capable, it seems that more of us have this kind of our bike as our one bike. It gets used for everthing; training, commuting and adventure. It might even get used for racing. My days of serious racing are well and truly past however a hang over of that background means I find an unusual delight in post ride data. In some ways the more the merrier even though I am not using it to get faster and I am not loading it to Strava to compete with anyone else. I just like to see that maybe I rode up to Microclimate a little more quickly or had a slightly higher speed on the way down than last time and more importantly that I was working hard when I felt I was working hard.

I use a Garmin Edge 800, a device I would have to guess was designed for road cyclists (a lot of the routing etc does not really apply to or help the off road cyclist) but it records a trail and any linked devices such as a power meter and heart rate monitor (a bit about both of these in another blog). I might write more about the Garmin 800 in another blog as this is really just about how to fix it to one’s bike so that it stays where it is meant to stay, does it’s job and is easy to read whilst riding.

K-Edge adj Garmin top front

Here I introduce K-Edge who originally got into the bicycle market through designing a chain catcher for the 2008 US Olympic Time Trial Gold Medalist Kirsten Armstrong. A one-off custom became a bulk order when the Garmin-Slipstream Pro Tour team ordered 45 for their riders in the 2009 season. An article by Velonews.com led to wider exposure and by May 2009 K-Edge had been launched as a new company. They have since branched out into making bike computer (with a focus on Garmin) and camera mounts (with a focus on GoPro).

I am using the K-Edge Adjustable Stem mount. As per its description it is installed under the stem top cap, in line with the stem, and the computer mount end is adjustable, for angle, so that the mount can clear a stem that rises or a short stem where the bulge for the handle bar mount would interfere with the computer mount.

This K-Edge stem mount is mounted on a 45mm Loaded Precision stem that has 6º rise. It is a pretty normal example (but obviously well excecuted) of the kind of stem that is used on today’s long travel, longer front triangle, trail bikes. The insert uses Garmin’s “quarter turn to lock” system and the computer locks in place with a definite and tactile click. The insert is replaceable so, if it wears out for some reason, a new insert can be installed (free of charge, buyer pays the post) maintaining a firm grip on one’s valuable bike computer.


The K-Edge mount is 50mm centre to centre, so slightly longer than the reach of the stem. By changing the angle of the mount slightly (I imagine it is 6-10º) the mount clears the front of the stem. The slight tilt of the mount makes it easier to read the screen on the Garmin. This system does mean that the computer is exposed over the front of the stem. In an ideal world K-Edge would design a stepped fixed mount with a centre to centre measurement of XX mm. This would mean that the entirity of the bike computer, like a Garmin 810, is within the the area of the steerer (stem cap) and the front of a short stem.

Garmin on K-Edge mount crop

This is a photo of it installed with the previous 50mm/0º rise stem which better shows the Garmin 800 installed and overhanging the front of the stem.