9point8 Fall line Dropper post with 1 x adaptor remote

I will open this post by taking simply that the 9point8 Fall line Dropper post with the 1x adaptor remote is the best dropper post ever invented and manufactured. It is now the market benchmark. End of chat. If you think otherwise:

your own wrong opinion

The 9point8 arrives in a fantastic minimalist and recyclable box and contains everything one needs to install the post (except tools of course) including fantastically comprehensive and easy to follow set up instructions (summary: the most important aspect of the set up is cable length and a tiny bit of cable slack at the remote lever throughout the range). I was going to film a how-to video but I got too impatient and blew it off. Sorry about that.


Some quick measurements that might help save time (based on my XL Nomad frame):

Outer housing: 22 cm protuding from frame entry port and 3 cm protuding above seat tube (this obviously changes once post is installed giving you the loop you need to place the remote on the handle bar).
This gives a perfect “almost shortest possible” loop to the 9point8 1x adapter remote which is  located 178mm inboard, from the end of the grip, on a 780mm wide PRO Tharsis carbon handle bar. Perfect reach for my thumb.

9point8 1x adaptor remote


1. It is worth the set up time to test the routing with just the outer/ housing before one inserts the inner cable. Note the 9point8 tip that it is easier to trim the housing at the remote end, before you install the inner cable, once you have screwed the seat post mechanism into place.

2. I wound the cable adjust barrel out five turns so I had the room to create slack required through out the seat post travel as tension is what releases the mechanism.

3. 9point8 comes without air from the factory. I started with 35 psi which gives a pretty cheeky extension speed but I have got used to it so I am not going to change it. I am guessing that 30 psi will give a more KS Lev like extension speed. I cannot estimate psi to approximate Rockshox extension speed sorry.

Side note: because I think that Shimano shits sunshine and rainbows I used XTR/ Dura-ace SIS outer cable and a sil-tec inner cable rather than the Jagwire stuff that came with the seat post. Nothing against Jagwire and I will keep it as a spare but I know that Shimano probably has 20 engineers working on cable slipperiness and their stuff has never failed me.

The 9point8 1x adaptor remote is possibly the best I have ever used (ranking here):

1. 9point8 1x adaptor (9/10 as is, 10/10 with grip tape patch installed, good angle engineered into the adaptor, very natural thumb position, light but precise action #doyouevenendurobro)
2. KS Southpaw (8/10 as is, 9/10 with grip tape patch installed, sightly fiddly to set up due to multi angle clamp arrangement, can get it perfect, firm and precise action).
3. 9point8 remote set horizontally without the adaptor (7.5/10 due to slightly too tight to the bar and less ergnomic set up freedom due to interaction with brake master cylinder).
4. KS “ODI” remote (7/10 as is, just have to get the angle right for your thumb, right angle noodle a bit of a shag on some brake set ups).
5. Rockshox Reverb (1/10 as is, 2/10 with grip tape patch installed) What engineering degree reject designed this POS?!?!?! The worst remote ever!! Obviously one with the world’s most over developed/ strongest thumb. And who designs sharp edges on a control that has a better than even chance of meeting a knee/ leg at some point in one’s mountain biking career? It is still shit even with grip tape installed.

Seatpost ranking:
1. 9point8 Fallline (9.5/10, also has best instructions).
2. RF Turbine (8.5/10, possibly worst instructions ever).
3. KS Lev Integra (8.5/10 with Southpaw and with Original remotes, only changed due to poor customer service from servicing agent).
4. KS Lev (8/10 with standard remote, still running on spare bike after 5 years of hard use).
5. Rockshox Reverb (6/10 when it is working downgraded to 3/10 due to POS remote) only ever used on rental/ demo bikes, bad enough in ergonomics, failure reputation and “who wants to run DOT fluid inside their frame” anyway that I found KS and stayed with them ever since, until 9point8 arrived on the scene and started their MTB dropper post global domination!!

I have obviously had too much coffee with my breakfast.

My original statement stands: 9point8; best dropper post ever!!

“Good things come to those who wait”

PS: This is a small company in Ontario who have probably been surprised by their own success. They are doing really well with trying to be awesome at customer service but when you have just invented the lightsabre of knives and everyone in the world is trying to upgrade from their Swiss Army Knife (KS) and flint (Rockshox) then DEMAND is far out stripping supply.